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Salaryman - when all day everyday is stamping green thingies into a box for the pocket of your overlords, when bosses poke you in the eye and burp in your face, when wife and child wait for your pitiful coin, what are you going to do? Squash, electrocute and sabotage your way into a crooked world of weird characters and improbable item interactions. Play daft mini games, befriend a cardboard robot, a deranged dog-thing and a girl made of wood, infuriate a small crab man and feed cute critters into industrial machinery. Salaryman - an incredibly silly point and click adventure. Coming soon. Probably.


* Multiple puzzle solutions - there's usually  two or three ways to achieve each goal. The easiest ones might not always be the best...

* Textless one-click interface - communicate with characters intuitively via thought bubbles and gibberish sounds. 

* Dumb animations play even if you used the wrong object.

* Branching paths - some areas are optional or secret.

* Real-time subgames and puzzles.

* Lots of (often optional) silly slapstick violence and weird things.

* No pop culture references or fourth wall breaks whatsoever.

Check out twitter: https://twitter.com/salarymangame

Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/salarymangame/407172

Instagram: instagram.com/salarymangame

And on the AGS forums: https://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/forums/index.php?topic=57072.msg636604381#msg636604381

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SOOOO when is game out???